Friday, August 19, 2005

THE WEEK OF LISTS: 18 Things Peter Likes
In Celebration of His 18-Month Birthday Today

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1. Ma ma
2. Da
3. "Cat!" (Pulling of tail, particularly amusing)
4. "Car!" (Any and all cars, including photos of them and assorted non-car transportation, i.e. bikes, planes and boats)
5. Raisins
6. The hose and water play (see above)
7. Rides in the "car" (see above)
8. The playground, particularly the metal slide
9. Anything interesting on the floor
10. Large blankets and sheets to hide in or look for people hiding under
11. Dirt!
12. "Cuh" (cuddling)
13. Animal Planet!
14. Vegemite sandiwches
15. Balloons
16. His toy xylophone
17. Dancing to the Beatles
18. Baby rampage!

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