Saturday, August 27, 2005

So I was walking to work this morning, and out there just on the street as I was bopping along, I found a complete 6-DVD collection boxed set of "The O.C.: The Complete First Season" lying in the road. Just right there in the street. Today is trash day, but still, that's wacky. The case and box are kind of beat up, as if it were thrown out of a moving car (a most unwanted birthday present?), but the discs inside actually all look OK, although I haven't tried to play them yet. Quite bizarre, that's like a $50 set.

The punchline - I've never watched "The O.C.," although I've heard good things about it. Guess now I've got a chance. It's too beat up to eBay, anyway. See, Fridays are fun!

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