Friday, April 25, 2008

Misc., I say, miscellaneous

...Yeah, been a busy week and not much blog time in there. And there are few things lamer than a three-day holiday weekend in which you work two of the three days. ('Tis Anzac Day today.) So a few random thoughts so I don't leave the week totally blogless:

• Peter's request today: "Tofu with silly sauce please." (That would be "soy." Yes, we're raising a hippie.)

• Is there a better white female singer than Dusty Springfield? When I say "singer," I mean in terms of pure belt-it-out hit-you-in-the-spleen hollerin'. (Of course there are many other white female singers I love like Cat Power, Lucinda Williams, Linda Thompson and many more, but technically Dusty is the queen methinks.)

• OK, I love Frank Miller, and I love the late Will Eisner. I love Frank Miller's over-the-top gonzo "Sin City" movie. But grim 'n' gritty Frank Miller taking Eisner's pulp hero "The Spirit" and making his movie into what surely looks like "Sin City II"? Ugh, not so much. The levity, invention and sheer good cheer of Eisner's work is really missing from this trailer. Hopefully the movie will be better than this teaser, but I dunno man....

• I'll add to the millions who've already said this, but so long to blogger supremo Dave's Long Box, who closed up shop this week. Easily in my top five blogs to visit list, Dave was totally Airwolf and pushed the Boob War to the max. And if you didn't have a clue what that meant, go page through his archives.

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