Wednesday, October 12, 2005

LIFE: Way-Out iPod Weight Loss Challenge Update #1

Ah, sweet vindication. Hopped onto the scale this morning before my shower and the magic numbers read 189. I even hauled Avril and Peter out of bed to verify I wasn't cheating. Meaning I have succeeded at my Way-Out iPod Weight Loss Challenge to drop down below 190 -- and lost about 8 pounds in the last month. Hurrah for me! Sure, I fluctuate here and there and imagine if I weighed myself in the afternoon I'd be over 190, but close enough. I get to order myself a nifty new 20GB iPod sometime in the next few weeks to reward my persistence, but I'm not slacking - I'm going to do my best to shoot for 185, and maybe, if I can, 180 (apparently the weight loss slows down eventually, so I may not be able to make it that far). Not bad for someone who allegedly weighed 200+ six months ago, I think (that noise you hear is self-aggrandizing back patting).

The funny thing about the exercise is, I think I'm starting to get into it. I've never been a total couch potato but once I got serious about losing a few pounds I've tried to either walk the very steep 3/4-mile or so loop road up behind our house or ride the exercise bike for 30 minutes 5 days a week. If I miss a day, as I did a couple times in the past week because of a pesky cold, I feel antsy and guilty. ("Guilt is the best motivator," Avril told me, and once again she is right.)

I mean, I certainly won't be gracing the cover of Hardbodies Illustrated anytime soon, but have to admit being able to fit the belt a loop tighter isn't a bad sensation at all.

(Edit: it's a good thing I took a month to lose that weight - Apple just announced today their brand new super-spiffy iPod videos. For once, I won't end up buying a product just before they upgrade it!)

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