Saturday, October 1, 2005

LIFE: The way-out iPod weight loss challenge

So anyway, for the past, oh, three months or so, I've been thinking about losing some weight. Note the "thinking," because that's about as far as it had gotten. I had a doctors' checkup in June where I was told I weighed – ye gods! – 205 lbs., which shattered my self-image. I am 6-foot-2, so it's not like I'm a small guy to start with, but that's still a bit more than I meant to be packin' at this point. Blame having the baby – my wife didn't gain any weight in the long run, so I decided to.

Anyway. I got a bit more serious this past month. I like incentives, like the shiny gold stars or candy bars we used to get in school. So I decided, if I could drop down to 190, I get to leap boldly into the year 2005 and buy myself an iPod. I've been wanting one anyway, so now I set a little hurdle to jump before spending the cash. So I've been cutting down on the food, stepping up the walking, and trying to get in a good sweaty half-hour on the exercise bike several nights a week. So how goes?

At the last weigh-in today, I was down to 191 (from 198 or so at the start of September – I still don't quite trust that 205 figure from June, as I was wearing clothes, shoes, etc. and had just eaten a jumbo Taco Del Mar burrito for lunch [oops]). Anyway, one pound to go!

So if I get to 190 by next week or so, I'll hopefully be ordering that iPod. Then I'll see if I can keep going to get down to 185 or so... Which would be less than I've weighed since 1994 or so, at least. I'll be 34 in a couple months (in case you were wondering, Ash), so I'll take what I can get.

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