Friday, July 23, 2004

Your tax dollars at work department: Fascinating little article (online here) in this week's New Yorker about how the military apparently, besides the many other exciting benefits, is offering free cosmetic surgery to soldiers. This includes such things as breast augmentation and liposuction, all valuable fighting tools. From the piece, "In the first three months of 2004, it performed sixty breast enhancements and two hundred and thirty-one liposuctions." All at taxpayer expense, naturally. Now, I support our troops despite the terribly inept situation they've been plunged into thanks to their chicken-hawk commander in chief, but methinks my tax dollars going toward some soldier having a boob job is more than a little unjust. Consider for a moment I live in a state so strapped for cash that many school districts have gone to a four-day school week, and our Oregon State Police are cut to the bare minimum. I weep for the republic.

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