Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Whatta quote: "I wouldn't urinate down his throat if his heart was on fire."
--Democratic consultant James Carville, referring to independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader during a speech before the Michigan delegation today. 

It's convention week in Boston and let the hoopla fly! I always have a morbid kind of fascination at convention season, heavily scripted PR affairs though they are. I probably won't be able to bring myself to watch the Republican lovefest, but I've been tuning in to some of the Democrat events. Last night I watched both Clintons and Jimmy Carter speak. Carter gave a good speech, although he's really showing his age and his accent has gotten more mushmouthed with time, while Bill was typically erudite and witty. It was a good speech, not his best, but it got the message across. I'm definitely curious to tune in to Kerry's speech Thursday and see how he does. I think Kerry suffers a bit from the same malady as Gore -- would be a very good president, not a great candidate. But I think he's also learned from the radical right-wingers paintbrush of hate and won't put up with it. The Republican strategy basically boils down to platitudes and repetition (if you SAY someone's a liberal flip-flopper often enough, it has to be true, gosh darn it!), and the Dems are realizing they can't just cruise in on an ocean of Bush hate.

I still have no idea how it's going to shake out, although I fear for the republic if Bush wins a second term and can go nuts with no fear of election repercussions. I'd like to think we're smart enough to elect Kerry, but I worry the Bush mantra of fear, divisiveness and pious hypocrisy will triumph over our better instincts in the end.

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