Tuesday, July 6, 2004

The pundits are saying Kerry will announce his vice presidential pick tomorrow. Hopefully in time for us to get it in the afternoon paper. I'm hoping it'll be John Edwards myself -- the guy has the political populist knack just like Clinton did and would rouse the faithful -- although I wouldn't be disappointed by the other two main names being bantered about, Gephardt and Vilsack (who?). Might see a total ringer like Wes Clark or Dianne Feinstein but I think this year the Dems are smart to stick to stability rather than picking someone who might tick off valuable voters (i.e. Hillary Clinton).

Of course, a decaying mongoose as running mate would still be preferable to the vp we have now. Has there been ANY politician since, say, Richard Nixon, who has been as obviously uncomfortable in his own skin as Dick Cheney? The man can't even smile properly, instead offering more of a half-grimace scowl. Cheney to me nicely sums up the big-biz warmonger monarchy of the current administration, and I am sure whoever Kerry picks will be an improvement, if the cosmos are just and he wins...

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