Saturday, July 17, 2004

Ah, Hollywood. Comic movies seem to have settled into a realm where they're just like all other movies, I guess -- mostly crap, occasionally a gem. For every "Spider-Man 2" you have a "Halle Berry IS Catwoman" or a "Punisher." Just read on Ain't It Cool News that another old classic comic character will be hitting the big screen, although done for laffs and fart jokes rather than anything noble. None other than Jack Black will apparently be playing DC Comics hero Green Lantern
in a film that has been described as a “zany comedy version a la THE MASK.” Now, Green Lantern isn't the world's biggest name in comic heroes, but he is a kind of neat character when done well, a space-faring lawman who wears a "power ring" and fights for truth, justice and so forth. Could've been a nifty space opera like "The Last Starfighter" meets "Excalibur" or somesuch. Green Lantern's not anywhere near my favorite comic character, but turning him into a pratfall-laden vehicle for Jack Black (who I'm a big fan of in most of his works, and Tenacious D rocks hard) is another one of those things that just makes you shake your head if you're a comics fan, although who knows, it'll probably be a hit.

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