Friday, September 25, 2009

You know you live in a really small country when....

...The fact your nation's leader got five minutes of passing face time with the American president, all of it at crowds in various formal functions relating to the UN and G-20 summits, is front page news. It's definitely a different perspective (although I don't know if I'd agree it's just "cultural cringe" or rather the fact that NZ doesn't get a lot of attention from the US on the global stage).

But on the other hand Prime Minister John Key also got to go on the David Letterman show and be gently poked fun at in front of millions:

Really, Obama or Letterman, it's all publicity for down under and at least Dave didn't make Key wear a hobbit costume or something. Key was funny enough, I thought, and I have to admit while I didn't vote for him, as a person he does give off a rather amiable, slightly goofy, low key (ha ha) vibe, sort of "Hey, can you believe I'm the prime minister of this country?"

And I know it's not Mr. Key's fault I just kept thinking of this guy the entire time he was on stage:

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