Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The eternal sickness

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketYe gods, it never ends. Despite this being, weather-wise, one of the better winters we've experienced in years, feels like there's been at least one person in the house sick constantly these past 6 weeks or so. And most of the time it's been poor Peter. I'd always heard that when a kid started going to day care or school or whatever, he'd pick up a lot of bugs, but I swear, our (otherwise very nice) day care ought to be declared a biohazard unit with all the germs P's been grabbing since he started there last month. These past four days or so have been the worst yet. He started Saturday with a fever that just continued throughout the weekend, reducing our usually hyper little monkey to a zombie Peter who stared vacantly into space. When we took him to the doctor yesterday turned out he had a temperature of 104 F! He's now on various antibiotics treating his ear infection and was already looking a lot better last night. (And thank god again for that nearly-free medical care!)

I know this is all part and parcel of parenthood, and he certainly could have been a lot sicker, so we're grateful he'll be OK. Now that we're both working we get to balance it all – Avril took time off yesterday and the grandparents have been helping out, while today I'm working a late shift to mind the boy during the day. Hopefully he can return to day care tomorrow (and catch the next virus in line, sigh...)

Parents out there – it gets better, right? Or at least less sickly?

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