Wednesday, February 21, 2007

...Howdy, all four of my regular readers, I'm back from the brief hiatus. I'm hoping to start more regular posting again later this week but for now I have to give a belated...

Happy third birthday, Peter!

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Yep, our little man is now three as of the 18th. We had a fine party for him last weekend, his first "real" birthday party with friends and relatives coming and presents galore. He was hyped up the entire day like he just downed ten shots of espresso. But he had a blast.

While it's indisputably hard work, it's been great spending so much time with him these past 6 months. He's growing and changing every single day, and entered the "question" phase ("Eat your sandwich." "Why?" "Because you're hungry." "Why am I hungry?" "Because you have been playing for 17 hours." "Why have I been playing?" Etc.) Yesterday we had a lengthy discussion on why despite his wishes, he can't grow up to have a baby in his tummy. Yeah, I thought I'd have the birds and bees talk a little later on in life...

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