Thursday, February 8, 2007

Communication breakdown

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting...So I haven't really been feeling the blogging lately, down to posting just once or twice a week. Part of it is the daily routine we've settled into here as "Mr. Mom" and fumbling aspiring freelance writer – there's not a lot to say really about it, and there's only so much "look how cute my boy is" posts one can get away with. And while we've been doing a lot of fine visits to beaches, again, only so much you can really say. As for the New Zealand/U.S. cultural differences thing, I'm just not out and about enough right now to suss that out.

So the inspirado has fled for the nonce, and I think I'll take a little blogging sabbatical until it returns. Been doing this for nearly three years, after all! Never wanted this to feel like an obligation and the last few weeks it kind of has. So a break, for a week or a month or whatever happens. I could pick it up again on Tuesday, who knows? See you in the future...

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