Saturday, November 4, 2006

NEW ZEALAND: Fireworks for Halloween

ITEM! So Halloween is one of those holidays that's been imported over here but is kind of only half-celebrated right now - many of the older generation see it as crass "begging for lollies" and yet another American cultural invasion, the younger generation is just, "woo hoo, free candy!" But we didn't celebrate it here as we were too exhausted and didn't want to buy candy so we turned off the light, barricaded ourselves in the back of the house and ignored the few door rings. They did have the ultra-cool sounding Auckland Zombie Walk downtown but it was past Peter's bedtime and you know how it is...

But a holiday they do celebrate here is Guy Fawkes Day, which is Sunday. It's a curious day celebrating a failed 1605 terrorist plot to blow up the British Parliament (most of you probably know it best from the "V For Vendetta" movie -- "Remember, remember, the fifth of November"). Basically these days it's an excuse to light up lots of fireworks. And much like July 4 back in the States, people don't just use their sparklers on the holiday, so for the past week or so we've heard a miniature volley of explosions at night. Ka-boom! So we shall climb the mountain near our house Saturday night (when most of the celebrations are held this year) and watch Auckland light up.

ITEM! Finally got around to posting more photos to Flickr of our MegaAmerica Trek and a couple more (I reached my free bandwidth limit last month and was too cheap to pay for more). So if you'd like to see some sexy photos of Yellowstone, head on over. I'll eventually post a few New Zealand pics too once we get around to taking some.

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