Sunday, October 23, 2005

MUSIC: Nik's first iPod

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Oh yeah, baby. I am now part of the iPod generation. My shiny new iPod video 30GB arrived last night, and I have been playing with it ever since trying to figure out how it works. (The "click wheel" baffled this iPod novice for a couple minutes; of course, being a man I didn't read the instructions or anything.)

First impressions of this fancy new bit of Mac hip technology - man, it's small! I knew the new iPods were compact, but I was still surprised at how tiny it is; and even so, it's still got about 5x the storage of my creaky old home 1999 iMac. I can't even imagine having one of the even smaller iPod nanos, because my gorilla-like fingers could probably barely use it. The sound quality is remarkable, better than some of my regular CD players sound with headphones. I love the shiny black look of mine, and I fondle it like a grateful teenage lover would his older mistress. (Er... was that too much detail?) It does look real easy to scratch though so I'll pick up an iSkin soon. The menu, etc. are all great to use, and the capacity looks amazing -- I downloaded about 6 albums yesterday and a video and I've used something like less than 1% of the iPod's holdings. I should be able to get 1/2 to 2/3 of my CD collection on here eventually.

The video capacity on this model is brand-new, and I dropped $1.99 for Fatboy Slim's classic "Weapon of Choice" video starring a dancing Christopher Walken from iTunes to try it out. (You might be able to make it out on the photo above some.) The screen isn't gigantic, and I have trouble imaginging watching an hour-long TV show without straining my eyes, but for a 3-minute video it's pretty perfect, great quality.

I'm diggin' it. If you need my attention this weekend, you'll have to tap me on the shoulder first.

Oh, and playing on shuffle while writing this blogpost: "In the Cold Cold Night," The White Stripes; "Theologians," Wilco; "Heroes," David Bowie; "Black Tongue" by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

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