Friday, January 30, 2009

Five Sentence Friday

1. How long will it take for the wonderful delicious novelty of seeing the words "President Barack Obama" to wear off?

2. Having an ear infection really sucks; damn beaches.

3. I've discovered there's no such thing as too many Neil Young live CDs.

4. Why does Bob Haney write, like, the coolest Batman comics ever?

5. John Updike's posthumously revealed "Requiem" poem is a thing of great and humble eloquence.

(Updating parenthetically, which surely doesn't break my five-sentence rule: I've been sad to see relatively little mention of Updike in the blogosphere [whereas Ricardo Montalban generates reams of tributes, and hey, I love Khan and all too, but y'know, parity and all that] -- but I do want to note two really nice pieces I've read on Updike lately, one by the always wonderful Jon Carroll over at the San Francisco Chronicle, and a really nifty reminiscence of meeting Updike by Dr. K. Good stuff both.)

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