Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Shuffle: 'I was a landscape in your dream and all my mountains were on fire.'

...The iPod was in a melancholy mood today but after wallowing in navel-gazing electronica soon roused itself with some Lennon rabble-rousing. It smelled like cut grass and gray storm clouds.

Photobucket1. My Seventh Rib (Live) 2:29 The Shins
Circus apology
2. I Was A Landscape In Your Dream 3:05 Of Montreal
Lost reverie
3. Obstacle 2 3:47 Interpol
Stern angst
4. Hurt 6:14 Nine Inch Nails
Hushed explosions
5. Rainbow 8:11 Battles
Calculators dancing
6. Power To The People 3:20 John Lennon
Crowd control
7. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams 4:21 Green Day
Sidewalk anthem

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