Tuesday, January 24, 2006

LIFE: Still Here

...OK, I'm back. Hope most of you had a more fun weekend than I did. I won't get into the messy details of it all, but basically spent the last four days lying in bed which isn't half as fun as it sounds. My semi-surgery required me to wear a catheter for a few days, which is now easily in my Top 10 Experiences of My Life That I Did Not Like. And I've interviewed a Republican congressman and saw Stephen King's Sleepwalkers in the theater. I did get to catch up on reading (seven books in four days!) and really closely analyze the dinosaur wallpaper in our bedroom (long story). Faithful wife catered to my every need and Toddler Peter poking his head into the bedroom every once in a while to say solemnly, "Daddy hurt." Anyway. Am at perhaps 75% of normal strength and heading back to work tomorrow. Regular irregular posting to resume concurrently.

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