Saturday, January 14, 2006

LIFE: The Big Announcement

So, I have to admit I've been a bit secretive the last six months or so about some major stuff going on in our lives, mainly because we didn't want to let the cat out of the bag to everyone just yet, and also because our plans weren't real far along. Anyway, to cut to the chase -- we're moving later this year.

To New Zealand.

Some of you know about this already, but this is the big migration that kiwi wife Avril and I have talked about ever since we first met in 1993, moved in together in 1998, got married in 1999 (you get the picture). She's been the foreign sidekick in this marriage for a while now, but we've long thought it would only be fair if we moved to New Zealand at some point in the future so I could be the wacky foreign spouse. With baby Peter's arrival, that became an even more important notion -- we really want P to grow up knowing about both sides of his half-Kiwi, half-Yank heritage. Free state health care and being closer to my wife's family are also nice bonuses. Plus, it's real purty there. So anyway, last year we finally decided, how about now?

So. We're moving. Our trip next month is actually a trial run for the final migration sometime around October or early November. We'll be laying some groundwork, hauling a bunch of our stuff over, etc. We'll be staying with my lovely in-laws in Auckland for the immediate future until we get on our feet.

It's a huge, major change in our lives, no doubt about it, and I'll likely be babbling on about the ins and outs of it all a fair amount here before we go. Now you know what's up with us, and the glamorous and chaotic months ahead.

Questions, ask if you want below... cheers, mates!

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