Tuesday, December 6, 2005

ETC.: Un doo tee vour, Ah-ha-ah-ah-ah!

Well, the blogosphere appears broken, I've been having problems with Blogger and blo.gs' ping service for two days. Let's see if this finally works...
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• Peter's weekend milestone; counting! Well, kind of -- he's not ready to do higher trigonometry or anything, but he does like to imitate when we count for him, and goes "un doo tee vour..." On "Sesame Street" today Ernie was playing a counting game and after he counted the things, Peter touched the things on the screen and counted them too. This is why "Sesame Street" is still the gold standard after all these years. Although the Count on there has always vaguely freaked me out.

Today was Christmas shopping day (I had today off because I worked Saturday night). It's far easier to tackle the remainders of the shopping when it's not the weekend. I went to the Devil Wal-Mart today for a couple things (because the Devil has low low prices, dammit), and it was still jam-packed with a variety of obese and odd people. I have the day off, OK, but what's with all these other people? Why are they all at Wal-Mart at 10 a.m. on a Monday morning? Why?

And finally, a random link to disguise my lack of having anything meaningful to blather about today! The religious affiliation of comic book characters. Batman is Roman Catholic? I guess I can see that. Would that make Robin an altar boy? (Note to DC Comics: don't sue me.)

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