Wednesday, March 9, 2005

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Well, we're past the halfway point of Avril and Baby Peter's monthlong trip to New Zealand to visit her family. Still missing the heck out of the boy pretty much every minute (and the wife too, ahem), but now that the end is in sight and their March 18 return draws near, I'm trying to wallow in my bachelor lifestyle a little longer since it'll be history before too long. Why, I haven't made a beer can pyramid since college! And that movie "Super Size Me," where the guy eats nothing but fast food for a month, really makes it sound a lot worse than it actually is.

One of the things that makes this trip easier for us all is the miracles of modern technology. Avril's able to send me e-mails and photos pretty much every day (like the one of Baby Peter frolicking in the sand on a typically gorgeous NZ beach, above), and even a few short movie excerpts. Even 10 years ago, we couldn't have done that, and leaving New Zealand would've felt a lot further apart than it does now. I can't interact with the boy, of course, but at least I get to see him regularly and feel like he's still around. (Of course, when gets back and promptly starts playing with the knife drawer and pouring milk on my comics collection, I may start wishing he was permanently outposted to some remote South Pacific island...)

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