Tuesday, March 22, 2005

ETC.: Catching up

Geez, does Blogger have a case of the slows lately or what? I've read that 30,000 to 40,000 new blogs are being created a day, which is a lot of damn blogs when you think about it. Of course, 29,990 of those will never be updated again after the first two posts, but that could explain the strain free sites like Blogger are facing lately. I can't complain too much because gosh darn it, it's FREE using Blogger and I've been generally happy with 'em, but hopefully they'll catch up with the blogging spree soon and have less issues...

Realized my posting last night may be the very first time I've ever put my picture on the blog. My apologies to the sensitive. So much for the Witness Protection Program. Please be alerted the camera adds 200 pounds, removes my hairline, adds wrinkles and makes me look like a combination of Nic Cage and a dead Elvis impersonator. The boy on the other hand is actually 150% cuter in real life.

In the spirit of radical renovation have decided to copy other blogs and use a headline to indicate what my postings will ramble on about. Am considering a full template revision just in time for this lil' ol' blog's first anniversary which is coming up April 7. Where has the time gone?

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