Monday, March 21, 2005

LIFE: Return of the Boy

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Hurray, I have a boy again! After an arduous epic journey from New Zealand that encompassed 12 hours on a plane, 3 hours in a car, another 8 hours in a car, the family is finally all reunited here in Oregon. Baby Peter is terrific, his walking has accelerated to light speed over the past several weeks and he has learned how to open the bathroom door. In our absence our landlord also waxed the kitchen floor which has resulted in many amusing pratfalls for mother, father and baby. Peter did not forget who I was (which was my constant worry) and all is back to the usual chaotic kind of existence. Regular blogging to resume as baby time, work and so forth allows.

And if you haven't had enough rambling about Baby Peter, check out this column I wrote for the paper recently.

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