Tuesday, March 15, 2005

ETC.: Bloggus Interruptus

Wow, I rock! Thanks a ton to Dave over at Yet Another Comics Blog, who for some crazy reason chose me as the winner of his "Spider-Girl casting contest." Free comics! See what five minutes of typing instead of working will get you, kids? Anyway, check out my entry and the other fine ones here.

I actually am planning my own nifty comics-related giveaway contest starring an old small-press buddy of mine for sometime before the end of the month -- still ironing out a few details, but watch this space for updates, it'll be groovy fun!

That's probably my token blogging for the rest of the week, unless I find a little more time. Wife Avril and Baby Peter are returning from their nearly monthlong New Zealand trip Friday, hurray, and I'll be driving down to California to pick them up in San Francisco. My bachelor interlude is nearly over, but truth be told, it got a bit old after the first week. Anyway, I'm scrambling at work to get ahead for a few days off, and dealing with a complicated home situation involving a melting water heater, vacationing landlord and possible death by electrocution. (Long story) Anyway, blogging hiatus to be expected for most of the week. Go read Hulk's blog instead for your hit of Net wisdom.

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