Thursday, November 18, 2004

Every comic book fan's worst nightmare:

So last night Baby Peter accomplished his lifelong dream — dumping an entire glass of milk onto a stack of Daddy and Mommy's new comic books to see what would happen. Yee-haw! Thanks to stupidity from Daddy (for leaving the comics out on a coffee table the baby could reach the very edge of) and Mommy (for leaving a full glass of milk on the edge of that same coffee table), Peter reached his goal, and soaked about 25 comics, magazines and books. And there was much laughing by the baby.

Fortunately, most comics were salvagable, although they will never see the condition of "NEAR MINT" again, and a couple were so soaked with stuck-together pages that they had to be tossed entirely. (Farewell, DAREDEVIL #66, IRON MAN #1, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #67. I knew thee well.) I can live without getting another copy of Iron Man but will have to shell out a few bucks for the Daredevil and Spider-Man issues to replenish my until-now complete collections. Because this is the curse of the obsessive collector.

There I sat, with a hair dryer on the floor trying to dry off several milky comics before the pages stuck together, and I thought -- I may well be the geekiest man on earth right now. And the comics all go in the office from now on, which has a door that latches and where babies have no access.

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