Sunday, April 5, 2009

Progress report, 2 years, 6 months

Reasons I am becoming more Kiwi.

1. I don't like wearing shoes in the summertime.

2. "Bloody" is all-purpose cussing that doesn't quite sound like cussing to my American ears, so it gets a great workout by me, particularly at work.

3. I know who the All Blacks Captain is.

Photobucket4. I love sausage rolls even though they're bloody terrible for you.

5. I know it's pronounced Fahng-arai, not "Whangarei."

6. Much of the time I will say "mobile" instead of "cell," "holiday" instead of "vacation," and "boot" instead of "trunk."

7. I pretty much think of temperature in terms of Celsius now.

8. I'm vaguely irritated about Australians.

9. I say "mate" a lot without much irony anymore.

10. Voted in an election.

Reasons I'm not really a Kiwi yet.

1. My brain still defaults to "miles" over "kilometres" and "feet" over "metres."

2. Just haven't gotten into most TV NZ-made television programs at all, except for "Flight of the Conchords" which doesn't quite count as TV New Zealand turned it down.

3. Don't have a bloody clue about cricket.

Photobucket4. I can only just tolerate Vegemite.

5. I don't know the difference between Super 14, Rugby League, Rugby, Soccer and Sevens.

6. My Maori pronunciation is dodgy at best.

7. Couldn't care less about Tony Veitch.

8. I secretly like Australia.

9. Don't say "sweet as," "choice" or "eh" properly.

10. I now like our President more than our Prime Minister. Six months ago, this would've been reversed.

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