Sunday, December 21, 2008

Six sentence Sunday

1. How is it I only discovered how cool the band Portishead is just now?

2. Watching the awesome new Criterion Collection DVD of Wes Anderson's first movie "Bottle Rocket", I was reminded again of how honest and sweet the not-quite storybook romance between Luke Wilson's fumbling hapless burglar and the gem-eyed Hispanic maid Inez is.

3. I really want to see "The Curious Affair of Benjamin Button" soon.

4. Our major family Christmas present this year was a new refrigerator, and it is indeed a towering monster of ice-cool goodness that is nearly double the size of our poky old fridge, and it scares me a little bit.

5. Every time I get my hair cut these days my hairline is just a little bit higher.

6. We are off for an extra-short Christmas getaway to parts unknown, so Joyeux Noel and all that jazz!

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