Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday shuffle: We're gonna have a TV party tonight / all right!

PhotobucketOne of the things I quite like about New Zealand spring is the asparagus. Asparagus is awesome, contrary to what I might have thought about it in my youth.

One of the things I dislike is that the weather can often be, to quote Crowded House quite appropriately, "four seasons in one day." Sunny morning, gale-force winds afternoon, rainstorm followed by sunshine. Repeat until summer.

1. Alone (Shakin' Sugar) (demo) 3:16 Wilco
2. Like It Or Not 4:59 Genesis
3. Kiss The Bride 4:23 Elton John
4. TV Party 3:31 Black Flag *
5. In The Mouth A Desert 3:52 Pavement
6. The Grey Estates 3:26 Wolf Parade
7. Things You Can Do 5:26 TV On The Radio
8. 40 Flights Up 5:12 SJD **
9. Heresy 3:54 Nine Inch Nails
10. Automatic Man 1:39 Bad Religion
11. Aurora Borealis 2:45 Meat Puppets ***

* Going from the frothy glossy mid-'80s pop of Elton John to the stark punk of Henry Rollins in one shuffle is guaranteed to induce whiplash.
** A very fine song from a really good Kiwi electro-pop musician.
*** I have always thought "Meat Puppets" is one of the 10 finest band names in existence. In fact I long ago vowed that if I ever formed my own band, I would call it "Sperm Bandits" in a kind of sideways homage. The only thing stopping me is my complete lack of musical or singing talent.

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