Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ack, I've been podcasted! It's a blog crossover!

PhotobucketFor the three of you who thought, gosh, I wonder what Spatula Forum would sound like, it's your lucky day – yesterday, I bopped on up to Auckland's North Shore and sat down with fellow American expat Arthur for his weekly podcast, AmeriNZ. Arthur's been down under more than a decade and I find his podcast and blog always provide fascinating perspectives on NZ and American life. It was great to finally "put a face to the blog" so to speak and get together, and of course he cornered me for a segment, which you can listen to right here or download here. He's also available on iTunes and of course you can get the show from his own blog too. Think that covers all the bases.

I'm sure I sound like a total doofus, of course, and my stumbling and inarticulate answers to Arthur's thoughtful queries will make for very amusing listening. Arthur and I talk about my experiences in NZ, 18 months or so in, my likes and dislikes so far, and my book as well. It was good fun to rant on the Internets in a different format than the blog, so give it a listen, and thanks again Arthur for the soapbox!

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