Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hip hip hurray, ask me questions today

• Hurray for me, I finally got a paying freelance gig. Not that I'll be able to buy a new car or anything, but hey, it's ink in print and was fun to write. If there were more hours in the day I'd figure out how to write a little more these days... (Not that blogging isn't wonderful, but it doesn't pay the bills, does it?)

• Hurray for Peter, he's going to Playcenter now three days a week with me. Playcenter is a nifty NZ parent-run co-op kinda like kindergarten but not exactly, because there are no teachers and we parents run the session. Which is a lot of fun but also kinda exhausting at first, particularly if you give piggy-back rides to a half-dozen toddlers and then tow 7 of them around in a big firetruck for 20 minutes or so. Ackthpp.

• Hurray for you - I have no ideas about what else to write tonight, so instead, I'll do a Reader Q&A – if you have any questions you want to ask me, whether they be about life in NZ, being a stay-at-home bum, Peter's latest antics, what my favorite song right now is, go for it. Ask away in the comments and I shall reply in the next post. Hey, that's much easier than trying to write something myself!

OK, now I'm going to turn off the lights, turn on the iPod and groove to Neil Young's "Tonight's The Night" for a spell....

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