Friday, October 15, 2004

Oregon is on the map. Despite the Kerry lead most polls are showing, you'd think Oregon was Florida this week. Yesterday VP candidate John Edwards visited Portland, Eugene and the Medford area in an all-Oregon dash. An estimated 3,000 people cheered Edwards on at the University of Oregon. Today, none other than President Bush himself is making an appearance in Medford and Central Point (Kerry visited the same area a month or so back). A reporter-photog team from our paper will be heading down there to cover that. And to top it all off Michael Moore is popping into Eugene on Monday. Plus, you can't turn on the TV these days without seeing ads for some vote or another.

Of course, our own little 20,000 population town isn't seeing any of this action, unless the caravans pass by on the freeway on the way to somewhere else. Our sole presidential visitor this year? Dennis Kucinich. Kind of like hoping to see The Beatles and getting a cover band. Oh well...

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