Monday, October 4, 2004

Ode to crawling babies! OK, Peter isn't always happy all the time, and spends his fair share of time yelling, wailing or weeping, but really, all things considered, he's a generally joyful little fellow, inordinately pleased to be here and curious and smiling about the world around him. Now he's even more ecstatic as he's started to develop the ability to crawl. Like most big changes, one day he wasn't doing it and the next day he was. He's been "practicing" for a while with getting up in the position, bouncing up and down like a cheerful gnome, and just in the past week he's suddenly discovered forward motion. It's a curious crawl, full of lurching sideways and occasional bonking of heads against the walls, with his body fishtailing every which way. And a spunky grin on his face the entire while. It's slow so far, but we know it's gonna speed up real soon.

What really draws his attention the most is our two cats. We have been experimenting with having a cat on one side of the room and baby on the other and learning that the baby is far more motivated to crawl when there's a cat tail to grab. Unfortunately the cats have not been fond of this. One of our cats, Kudzu, is speedy and wily and only lets Peter grab her if she drops her guard. The other, Luna, is older and attention-starved and will often let Peter come up to her and start digging his hands into her shiny white fur. He will then pull on it hard and watch it come out in big clumps, which Luna does not approve of. So she'll leave, but then, still wanting attention, she'll come back and the whole cycle starts over again. Also caught Peter jamming Luna's tail into his mouth yesterday. We have entered the age of more dilligent supervision to make sure neither cat nor baby get injured in the process. It's a fascinating world for Peter now, full of all kinds of things to see and chew on. For the cats, it suddenly got a lot more interesting as well.

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