Tuesday, August 17, 2004

And lo … there was a return to bloggery!
Back from a very nice week off in sunny Northern California visiting my folks, and wrapping up the visit from my New Zealand in-laws all in one fell swoop. Had an excellent time introducing baby Peter to where I grew up, and traveling a 450-mile car trip with a 6-month-old wasn’t totally horrific, although there were a few moments where we were already planning my vasectomy... The boy was excellent for the most part though, and everyone kept telling us what we already know, that he’s the cutest baby that ever was and ever shall be.

Hung out with my old high school pals Nathaniel and Lenka and their own children, connected with my newspaper buddies Keith and Rob, showed my in-laws the Gold Country and got to spend a lovely morning hiking solo along one of my favorite youthful haunts, the South Yuba River, going for a fine swim in those smooth, granite-boulder-laden pools.

It was a kind of antic 2 1/2 weeks or so after my in-laws arrived here in Oregon July 28, but we all had a great time. Living up here in Oregon far from both our families, Avril and I kind of appreciate the time we do get to spend with them, particularly now that we have baby Peter. Weird now to get back to “normal” life with work, smelly cats and wee, stuffy house after a week in my parents’ cavernous abode. But came back Saturday night to a pile of mail, comics and newspapers to read and best of all, Avril won’t have to wait too long to see her family again -- she and Peter get to fly over to New Zealand for a visit in January. Breadwinner dad has to stay home and work. :(

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