Saturday, August 21, 2004

I tell you the new little Blogger bar at the top of this page and all blogger blogs is pretty cool, at least as a way to while away some time on an extremely hot and boring Friday afternoon at the paper (I worked hard all week, honest!). I love the "next blog" button up there at the top because it's like the "Way back" machine and transfers you anywhere instantly. In a few minutes of "nextblogging" I wound up at a Malaysian woman's web site, a very interesting blog by "Susie" who is a soldier about to head to Iraq, a Star Wars fanboy site (duh!), a few foreign language sites and one apparently written entirely in Ebonics ("I dont know yo, it seems like dat nigga is on some whole otha' type of shit"; and that's the first line on the blog). It's all quite addictive to keep seeing where you end up next.

I've been getting some odd referrals in my posts lately too so obviously everyone's experimenting with the ever-expanding blogoverse. It's amazing how many of "us" there are now; I only started 4 1/2 months ago but already I feel like an old hand, many of these blogs I've been seeing are only a month or less old. It's a great world though, and frankly this is the kind of random human babble the Internet has always had the potential to be. Keep on bloggin'!

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