Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Brevity is the soul of something or other

...Sorry, not a real post, but a few of you might find this other blog post interesting as it talks a bit about what I'm doing in my day job, as a visiting US journalism professor interviewed me and visited my workplace:
A visit to New Zealand’s biggest sub-hub

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  1. Well, you look way too happy to work for a newspaper, Nik. Although I come from the advertising side I have noticed the empty desks on the east side of the Berlin wall. It's sad, and believe it or not most advertising folks feel a great deal of responsibility towards it. I recently left Scripps (as did our Buddie Rob Rogers)to accept a position at a privately held newspaper with no debt (believe it or not) and it's been a real eye-opener. To not have to wear the shackles of the Sorbanes-Oxley (sp?)Act is a wonderful thing indeed, one of the major contributing factors why we're in the trouble we're in. That, and Craig. But to be honest about it we let Craig in through the front door, being too arrogant to imagine some upstart could come in and take away our cash cow (classified). Anyway, with ink forever coursing through my veins I bid you adieu and keep up the good fight in the newsroom. Newspapers (print, I mean) still matter.