Sunday, February 13, 2005

So I came home from work yesterday and my boy walked right out of the kitchen, around the corner and up to Daddy. It still shocks me every time to see him walking like an actual human being, and he's really taken to it in the last month. When the New Year began, he was standing some, stumbling and "cruising" from spot to spot a bit, and now here he is, realizing walking's actually a way to get around.

Peter's first birthday is this coming Friday, which is kind of cool and kind of sad all at the same time. How did it zip by so danged fast? He's as fun as a barrel full of monkeys, true, but part of me wishes I had somehow videotaped every single second of the last year (well, except for some particularly nasty diapers) so I could remember it all. Already it's hard to recall what he was like a few months ago.

And right after his birthday, he and his mom take off for mom's homeland of New Zealand for nearly a month! Gah. At first I was all excited about being a swinging bachelor and eating pizza every night and watching "Baywatch," but it will still be terribly tough not seeing my little dude every day for so long. He's changed so much just in the last few weeks, by the time they return he'll be tap-dancing and playing basketball. This is why people have more than one kid, I guess, so you can keep remembering what it's like before it ends.

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