Sunday, June 6, 2010

Things that cheer me up today

Ah, it's Queen's Birthday weekend. Yes, that's right, I'm officially a subject of Her Majesty (a factoid which never fails to amaze this proud American) and this is the time we pay honour to her 502 years on the throne. In tribute to HRH, let's talk about the finer things in life...

Photobucket* That courtesy of the Queen, we can now call him SIR Patrick Stewart. Engage!

Winter may be irksome, but y'know, we don't get 8 feet of snow in our yard like we did in Northern California.

• That four+ years after buying this MacBook I finally got around to setting up a wi-fi connection. Freedom!

• The boy doing a dead-on Iggy Pop impersonation, without clothes on just before bedtime. When he's a teenager the video goes up on YouTube. Or whatever tube we have then.

Nick Tosches' biography of Dean Martin, "Dino: Living High In the Dirty Business of Dreams" -- Martin's an entertainer I've never really cared about, but Tosches' apocalyptic Lester Bangs-meets-Cormac McCarthy prose really puts a jolt into this tale of fame and folly.

• Re-reading Brian Bendis's "Alias" series and being reminded that he really can be a pretty fine writer when he abandons his tropes and quirks.

Woody Harrelson in "Zombieland." Redneck awesomeness.

• It's a little "Cathy," but warm cats purring on your chest.

LCD Soundsystem's burbly, brooding new album 'This Is Happening.'

Matt Smith as the new volatile Dr. Who, and even more so, chirpy redhead Amy Pond the companion.

• Hot coffee and waffles on a rainy Sunday morning.

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