Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wednesday shuffle: Animals they strike curious poses

Photobucket So anyway, I've been trying to be a bit better about the exercise -- my tricky work schedule and caring for the boy in the afternoons make it tough to get my favorite exercise, walking, in. But the other day I jogged/walked around a local lake and was feeling very pleased at the manly exercising.

Then I realized somewhere along the way my driver's license, that I'd slipped in my shorts, had fallen out. I then had to walk around the basin AGAIN to find my license. Which I finally found on the ground in the parking lot near my car.

Stupid exercise.

1. Pop Juice 4:23 Gomez
2. Interlude: Couldn't Call It Unexpected No. 2 0:22 Elvis Costello*
3. Serve Yourself 3:49 John Lennon
4. Now My Heart Is Full 4:09 Morrissey
5. Nothing Is Good Enough (Instrumental) 3:10 Aimee Mann
6. Electric Feel 3:50 MGMT
7. Racing Like A Pro 3:26 The National
8. Sunday Bloody Sunday 1:37 Richard Cheese**
9. Let's Call It Off 3:39 Peter Bjorn & John
10. Innocent Bones 3:43 Iron & Wine
11. Attack El Robot! Attack! 3:17 Calexico***
12. Love Comes Quickly 4:18 Pet Shop Boys
13. When Doves Cry 3:48 Prince ****
14. Jungle Rock 2:35 The Replacements *****

* For some reason I've always loved this jazzy little pause on one of Costello's most underrated albums, 1991's eclectic as heck "Mighty Like A Rose."
** Nothing better than U2 done in a mambo fashion.
*** Any song with "Robot" in the title is automatically 1000% better.
**** Some things cannot be argued. That this is a Perfect Song is one of them.
***** Raucous live Replacements, which reminds me, one of my holy grails is laying my hands on a copy of the legendary sloppy live Mats set "The Sh*t Hits The Fans." Anybody? Anybody?

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