Monday, April 16, 2007

Shrimp in the barbie, mate?

...So because we haven't done any major globetrotting traveling in like, a whole six months, we've decided to take a little vacation next month. Yep, we're off to sunny Sydney, Australia for five days and nights May 23-28! We racked up a ton of mileage award points with our two flights here to New Zealand last year, so we decided to make the hop over.

(It's actually more than a "hop" - NZ and Australia are over 1,000 miles apart, which tends to surprise a lot of folks not familiar with the South Seas. After one of my early visits to NZ, I had someone ask me if I took the "ferry" over to Australia, as if it were the English Channel or something. Anyway.) I've long wanted to visit the land of Crocodile Dundee, Nicole Kidman and kangaroos. We're not heading deep into the outback, just sticking to the Sydney urban area more or less on this trip (because Australia is big, y'know), but still eager to check out the sights.

But this gives me an excuse for another of my Spatula Forum Reruns marking three years of blogging -- here's Spatula Forum Rerun #2: A Few Words In Praise of Men At Work, the Aussie band that was one of my formative childhood influences. G'day!

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