Friday, February 24, 2006

LIFE: The news never stops

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND -- Well, we made it and are fighting off jet lag, Peter playing in the sunshine with all the great new cars and trucks his NZ grandparents gave him. And so I click on CNN's Web page this morning to see a headline reading, Teen wounded in Oregon school schooting. "Uh-oh," some tiny voice in my head says, and I click on it -- "Roseburg, Oregon" says the dateline.

Ah jeez. So one kid shot another 16-year-old at our local high school this morning, apparently. Fortunately it doesn't sound like anybody was killed, but man, as they say, "You never think it will happen here." The paper has been going in high-octane overdrive today I bet and it looks like they're doing a spectacular job getting what they can. Frightening stuff, though, not the kind of thing that should happen in a tiny town like Roseburg. I hope everyone's doing OK and the victim pulls through.

We already made the decision to move over here this fall, as I've been chronicling, for many reasons. There's stupid random violence everywhere, in every culture, but high school kids shooting each other over is a uniquely American phenomenon it seems like. I'll worry every day about my boy like all parents do, but over here I think I'll worry less he might end up someone's target.

Confused toddler crying, more New Zealand-centric posts later...

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