Thursday, September 1, 2005

LIFE: Hurricane Katrina

After looking through an Internet slideshow of dozens of news photos from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, I feel a little like I got slapped by a hurricane myself. The sheer scale of the devastation and wreckage is astonishing, and only getting more so as the hours elapse since Katrina walloped the Big Easy.

I've been to New Orleans twice, back when I lived in Mississippi, and in the Biloxi area several times. Beautiful countryside and N'awlins is one of the more visually impressive cities I've been, one I've often wanted to return to. Hope some day I'll get the chance.

Hard to come up with anything sensible to say other than my thoughts are with all the victims of this thing. I'm hoping some of my old Ole Miss friends that have relatives down there - Jean, Kevin, Rebecca, Melanie, anyone else I'm forgetting - are doing OK. It's a whole lot worse than it first appeared Monday, when we almost went with a front-page headline along the lines of "New Orleans gets lucky." Not so much, it appears.

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