Thursday, April 8, 2004

Ok then. I'm Nik, this is my blog, and there you go. I'm a newspaper editor somewhere in Oregon ( and live with my wife Avril and my amazing little 7-week-old monkey of a son, Peter Nicholas, and two aging peculiar cats, Kudzu and Luna.

I've been mulling over doing a 'blog' for some time now, but have always been vaguely embarrassed by the notion. A lot of friends and acquaintances do one (links will come up sooner or later) and I've been surfing a lot of media and comic book-related ones. I've written newspaper columns, many of a vaguely personal nature, for more than a decade now, and I guess when you boil it down that isn't too much different than this, is it?

I'm not sure what all I'll be writing on here or how often I'll do it or if this will become one of those sad little abandoned wastelands in cyberspace that are all rotting away in some digital purgatory... I'll probably write a bit about comics, music, the media (since I am one of the galdurn lib'rl media after all) and the boy as he grows and changes. If you're interested take a look now and then, I'll try not to bore you too much. No expectations or ground rules, that's one of the fine (and frightening, I suppose) things about the Internet.
There's a turkey running through the green grass and wildflowers that grow ankle-high in the hillside behind the house. Sign #1 you don't live in the big city!

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