Saturday, July 14, 2007

A scurrying serving of smatterings

I'm busy playing with various attempts at RSS, XML, DYI and other strange and unfathomable Internet acronyms as I do a little spiffing up and modernizing here at the "Spat" in an attempt to build up traffic a bit (hence the little cute buttons off to the right that probably don't work right). What the hell is a Feedburner and how can it make me famous? (An aside, anyone who's currently subscribing to my "feeds" might want to update them, I think.) So here's a few random notes instead of actual content:

• Here's another two recent pieces for BlogCritics which will excite you to your very marrow (or at the least your epidermis):
- A review of The National's swell, moody new disc Boxer.
- A look at a collection of more than a decade worth of Afghan Whigs shoulda-been-hits, Unbreakable.

• Let me throw in a plug for my old pal Troy Hickman, comics writer, unrepentant Rush fan and occasional taxidermist – his new blog Shut Up And Enjoy The Ozzy! is up and running and sure to offer you whole minutes of browsing pleasure. Go read it and tell him Nik's blog is funnier.

• Good luck to another fellow blogger Patrick and his gal pal Karen, who are getting married this weekend back in our old stomping grounds of Oregon.

• And now I'm off to partake of the 39th Auckland International Film Festival this weekend – look for my pale, light-starved form to materialize again Monday or so with a few reviews!

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