Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wednesday shuffle: What would you say if I sang out of tune?

PhotobucketAs spring starts to rear its head distantly over the horizon, and it's a hair less dark, damp and cold than it's been in the mornings, I'm attempting to get back on the horse with walking to work a few times a week. My early work start doesn't mesh very well with trying to walk the 3km all the time, but darn it, I'm going to keep on trudging through the dark til Daylight Savings Time starts again, with only my iPod for company....

1. Nobody's Baby Now 3:54 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
2. Skinny Love 3:53 Bon Iver*
3. Dead Set On Destruction 3:02 Hüsker Dü
4. Tonight, Tonight 4:28 Genesis**
5. This Room Is Wrong 3:22 Tall Dwarfs
6. I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor 2:54 Arctic Monkeys ***
7. With A Little Help From My Friends 2:44 The Beatles
8. The Boy Done Wrong Again 4:18 Belle & Sebastian

* I should listen to more by this guy.
** Phil Collins fetish, continued.
*** Listen to this at 6:18 AM and I guarantee you won't need any coffee the rest of the morning.
**** On the other hand, while it's a lovely tune, hearing Belle and Sebastian sigh about "All I wanted to do was sing the saddest song" is a sure-fire buzzkill as you trudge, unwilling, through the breaking dawn and into the dim, distant day.

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