Wednesday, May 3, 2006

LIFE: Rock the vote

So we're having a primary election in Oregon in a few weeks, and yesterday we got the League of Women Voters of Oregon voter's information guide. Sure, it’s got your big names, but the best part is the “fringe” candidates. The League allows the candidates to print statements verbatim, without editing or spellchecking, which results into rare insight into the heart and soul of candidates. And that’s why I’m asking you to consider Bob Leonard Forthan of Portland, little-known Republican candidate for Oregon governor, whose wisdom includes these statements…

Meet Bob:
Graduated from Jefferson high school nineteen seventy no prior experience in elected office, but I have ran some community involvement I have ran for Mayor of Portland three times and Governor twice.

On education:
My answer to group grades together for example kindergadin and first grader, second and third graders, ect, then using teachers knowledge letting the best students to help teach the less off students, I feel putting more money to improve Oregons educational system is a waste. NOTE; if elected Oregon schools will have no after schools activeties example no plays, sporting events, rose festivle events, due to envormental problems.

On health care:
Nothing in the near future to make health care in Oregon more accessible, but if exlected I would like to build housing on a grand scale, for example housing the size of the King Dome, and a population no less than two thousand and no more than five thousand, and if someone became sick the doctor goes to the patient, and every tenet in the king dome type living would have their own personal computer making their health care only fingers away.

He intrigued me with “kindergadin.” But he won me over with the plan to erect “King Domes” throughout Oregon to throw poor people in. Don't let the bad spelling stop you. Consider Bob.

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